Letter from Raphael C. Anaechedo

Dear Noble Knights.

"Man," said Karl Rayner, "is a beneficiary of another mans benevolence." What you have been to me is nothing short of an affirmation of this assertion. For this, I am indeed grateful and pray that the new decade and especially the year 2020 bring you abundance of God's blessings. May He reward you in this life and in the life to come. Amen.

Attached is the picture I took with my maternal uncle: Rev. Fr. Dr. Benjamin Ezulike, here in Nigeria. He is a Priest of Catholic Diocese of Awka who was sent on further studies to Belgium by his diocese. He came back for a short holiday. We took the picture on Sunday, 19th January, 2020 when he visited me at school to give me moral support and blessings as well.

Thank you once more for your kindness to me. May God bless and reward you abundantly and grant you all your hearts desires.

I believe you had a memorable and wonderful Christmas and thank God for bringing us into a new decade. Be assured of my prayers while I trust that you are praying for me too.

Your adopted son,

Raphael C. Anaechedo